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e-Bike Coaching

The aim of TrailSkills coaching is to aid rider development from beginner through intermediate to those wanting to try ‘getting some air’ or riding more advanced terrain – negotiating roots, steeps, mud, drops.

All coaching sessions include video analysis to facilitate Learning and provide tailored feedback.

e-bikes require some changes to technique to get the most from your ride. If you are completely new to e-biking then the e-bike familiarisation workshop will help you understand the basics and empower you to hit the trails with confidence. If you want to refine your technique or work on a specific area of riding then book a custom session tailored to your objectives.

eBike familiarisation workshop

New to e-biking? Come along and learn the fundamentals of e-bike ownership and riding. We will look at basics of operating the motor, settings, how to effectively use your gears in conjunction with the motor. How to conquer climbs, basics of descending - including body position, braking, line choices and how to maximise enjoyment.

Custom Coaching

Focus on what you want to achieve in this tailored session for any level of rider. Its all about developing and improving your riding, includes video analysis too. Let us know what you want to work on and we will take it from there. If you want to bring mates we can run a custom session for up to 6 people.

Half day 1:1 or 2:1 £75/rider (+6% online booking fee)
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Groups of 3 or 4, £70/rider half day
(+6% online booking fee)
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Groups of 5 or 6, £65/rider half day (+6% online booking fee)
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eBike Guiding

We offer e-bike guided rides in Dumfries and Galloway and also the Scottish Borders. Trips are customised – based on our standard guided ride options, but to maximise the use of our battery power.

Get in touch to arrange an outing – whether exploring local natural trails or a bigger day out in the country…

 Phone 07557 300240   Email   Facebook @mtbtrailskills